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Two Cornstarch cookies filled with our traditional Dulce de Leche and rolled in coconut shavings.


Chocolate Alfajores

Two chocolate cookies filled with Dulce de leche and dipped in our selection of White or Dark Chocolate.

Yerba Mate Alfajor

Two cookies with a very special Yerba Mate recipe and Dulce de Leche.

Alfajores Santafecinos

Three crispy cookies with dulce de leche and Glazed.


A crispy cookie with a heart of quince/membrillo.


Choccolate cookie.

Cream puff

A light puffy pastry filled with cream or Dulce de Leche.


A mini pie stuffed with your choice of Quince, Sweet potato jam, Dulce de Leche, and Coconut


Sweet and delicious by itself or stuffed with dulce de leche.


Flaky pastry with Dulce de Leche and bathe with semi-dark chocolate.

Assorted cookies and pastries

Savory Menu


Argentina has the most amount of pizzerias per capita of the world, more than Italy itself.

Our Pizza Special comes with Mozzarella, Ham, Light sauce, Roasted Red Bell Peppers and stuffed green olives all seasoned with oregano and olive oil. All condiments and oils are imported from Argentina to maintain the regional flavors.

Picada Argentina

Assorted cold cuts, bread, sauce, olive green, and mayonnaise.

Sandwiches de Miga Tostado

Special bread, mayonnaise, ham, provolone cheese. (ask for vegetarian options)

Sandwiches de Milanesa de Carne a la Napolitana

French bread, meat, tomato sauce, ham, cheese, red pepper, green olives, mayonnaise, and chimichurri sauce.

Sandwiches de Pan Frances

French bread ham or prosciutto, provolone cheese, mayonnaise.

Sandwiches de Pebete de Jamón y Queso

Viena bread, ham, provolone cheese, mayonnaise.

Sandwiches de Sacramento

Puff Pastry bread, ham, cheese, red pepper, green olives, and mayonnaise.

Choripan Sandwiches

French bread, chorizo argentino, chimichurri sauce.


Ground beef, onion, green olives, red pepper, green onions, egg, and spices.

Baked flaky turnovers filled with ham and cheese. (ask for vegetarian options).


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